Nikkos Zorbas | Motivational Speaker | Best Selling Author

ZORBAS newcover headshotNikkos Zorbas is a leader in self-development who has inspired millions through his bestselling books, Discover Your Business Power, Discovering Your Personal Power and The Reveal, as well as his music, monthly columns and educational workshops. Using the science of genuine self leadership, Mr. Zorbas can teach you how to discover your personal power and pave the path to success.

I’m proud to share my insights and discoveries with you.

My inspiration for business and personal development came from personal experiences that have taken me from triumph to failure and back up again. Only after experiencing life at the top, and then falling to rock bottom, did I discover the true power of my thoughts. It became clear that my decline resulted not from what I was doing, but from what I was thinking.
Armed with that knowledge, I reasoned that the same personal power that nearly destroyed my life could also be used to rebuild it. Now I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you.

unleash-the-power-of-musicMy Inspiration

People use inspiration books, seminars and tapes to drive their minds to a clearer life path. As a self-development coach I saw there was a void in this connection from print to person, and found that adding uplifting verses to upbeat music fills that void.

And so I created, The Law of Attraction music album, to motivate and inspire success-oriented individuals like you through the power of music. Blending an energetic beat with positive lyrics resulting in a sound I call “positive infusion,” this recording has been carefully structured, with each song designed to achieve a specific purpose. Whether you simply need an extra lift in the morning or music to complement your daily workout, The Law of Attraction is sure to keep you moving and make you feel happy — naturally. So skip that extra cup of coffee, pop in my music and enjoy the real power that comes from within!

​People deeply connect to music – this is an album that can relate to anyone, at any age.