“I believe in listening to something positive to set the tone for my day. I listen to ‘The Reveal’ every morning. Hearing Rudy, Nikkos, the music and quotes gets my thoughts and actions on that positive path.”
​ ~ Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

“The Law of Attraction is an important part of my golf game – I use positive statements and thoughts to create my greatest round Nikk’s CD is also a terrific audio support during my workouts and I appreciate his enthusiastic approach to life.”
​ ~ Martin Mills, Professional Golfer

“As a business man, “Discover Your Business Power” has had an incredibly positive impact on my relationships with clients as well as employees. When looking to improve your business, achieving success often starts with your own behavior. This book is sure to help you cultivate the personal power you need to grow your business and reach those lofty goals. So what are you waiting for? In the words of Nikkos Zorbas, “Your words reflect your actions…start now!”
~ Jaime Andres Cardenas, International Business Developer

“Nikk, what an awesome job you did on this music. The words, the beat, the concept is so refreshing. I love the title track and when I play it at my seminars everyone is up and dancing. Your writing style is uplifting and certainly helps to raise vibrations for anyone. I recommend this positive, uplifting CD to anyone who loves music, loves to dance with joy and sing along to inspiring messages. Congratulations!”

Dream Big.
~Michael Losier, Author – Law of Attraction

“Nikk Zorbas has created a unique, enticing, new sound in motivational music. His songs hypnotically lift you up to believe in yourself.”

~ Judi Moreo, Author – You Are More Than Enough